What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural therapy came from America and Aaron Beck. It is based on the belief that the way we think and behave in the here and now affects the way we feel and our quality of life. The thoughts we get daily have not just popped up from nowhere but come from many years of instances of negative life experiences that have created what we call subconscious beliefs about either ourselves, the world or people. These underlying beliefs then without us knowing will affect how we see our life day to say and deal with problems in our life We can also have positive life experiences that can make us deal with problems more healthily and have a healthy quality of life.


Do You Have a Heart Wall? How Emotions Affect your Daily Life

Emotions and Daily Life

As we go through our lives we experience emotions on a daily basis, these emotions have an energy vibration that the body would naturally process whilst we sleep. Sometimes though the emotion is so strong and overwhelming that the body just cannot process it properly and this may result in the emotion becoming ‘trapped’ in the body.


New Practitioner Spotlight – NU.U Therapy – Massage | Reflexology | Facials – Manchester City Centre & Trafford



Therapies practised?

Therapeutic Swedish Full Body Massage.

Realignment Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Pure Bliss Aromatherapy Massage

Restorative Reflexology

Lymphatic Drainage Aromatherapy Facial and light Therapy Facial

Recovering Legs Massage

Relieving Pregnancy Massage

Healing Indian Head Massage


Are You Winter Ready?

Sneezing woman outside in winter

With winter almost in full swing, it is the perfect time to prepare the body and ensure it is in its best possible shape to protect you from all the nasty bugs that will more than likely be doing the rounds this year.

If considering health from a holistic viewpoint, it could be argued that the strength of the body can be determined by a person’s state of mind. So if somebody is emotionally down and low spirited then they are more likely to suffer with physical health problems. So a healthy mind can help keep the body strong and keep viruses at bay.

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